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"Nothing is more important to us than our children - often, this is the reason behind why we have become a single mother"
- Bara Bryan, SingleMum.com.au

Who is a single mother?
Answer: If you are a mum parenting your children apart from their other parent - even if you have a new partner - then you are a single mother, and this website is for YOU!

Some Australian Single Parent Statistics...

In June 2006, there were 592,000 one-parent families (with children under 15 years) - 87%

515,040 of them were headed by mothers*

Overall percentage of (all families with children aged under 15) single mother families in Australia in 2008 with children aged under 15 -


Overall number of Divorces in Australia in 2008 -


(48.8% of those divorces involving children under the age of 18yrs)*

The Northern Territory

has the highest rate of single parent families in the country (2008)*

*Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

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November 9 2010 - Child Support Agency launches tax attack
PS News

The Child Support Agency has entered a new agreement with the Australian Taxation Office to continue its pursuit of separated parents who fail to lodge tax returns. Non-compliance National Manager with the CSA, Bill Volkers, said the new Memorandum of Understanding built on a four-year agreement with the ATO which led to the lodgement of 698,000 outstanding tax returns by separated parents.“Enforcing lodgement for these parents means their child support assessment will be more accurate and therefore fairer for both paying and receiving parents,” Mr Volkers said more...

November 9 2010 - Divorce video game to help kids

The Federal Government has launched a video game and book to help children whose parents have separated understand the change in their family. The book and game were developed with the assistance of community counselling service Boystown and are available free to families from the Department of Human Services more...

November 9 2010 - Playgroup Vital For Mums Happiness

For single parents, attending Playgroup can be of even greater importance to mums themselves. Single mums from the www.SingleMotherForum.com echoed the mother-first research results. They cited that their reasons for going to Playgroup were more...

November 8 2010 - Compensation for childcare dispute - shared care issue
Sydney Morning Herald

A DIVORCED man has won $5000 compensation from a Double Bay after-school care centre which refused to enrol his children every second week, when he cared for them. The man, known only as JQ, had a shared parenting arrangement with his former wife, under which he had custody of their two primary-school-aged children on alternate weeks more...

November 6 2010 - In my heart I know my little girl gone, says mother of Zahra Baker

  • Zahra's mum gives her first television interview
  • Gave up Zahra because of post-natal depression
  • "Is there any hope she's alive? I don't feel it"
  • She spent last 10 years trying to find daughter
EMILY Dietrich, the mother of missing Australian girl Zahra Baker, knows in her heart her daughter is dead more...

November 3 2010 - Are tots really OK when mum goes back to work?

...What it really seems to show is that widespread single motherhood, with all the stress it entails, lowers the general standard of infant care, so that even current standards of childcare can somehow compensate the children for the absence of their mother all day long. It does nothing to reassure us that “the kids are OK” under our current way of valuing motherhood more...

November 2 2010 - Facebook Predicts When You're Likely To Get Dumped

Facebook status updates can be creepy and revealing, but they can also help predict when you’re likely to find yourself dumped more...

November 1 2010 - Suspected acid attack on mum, young son
Sydney Morning Herald

A 25-year-old and her six-year-old son are in hospital in Melbourne on Monday night after liquid believed to be acid was thrown on their faces more...

November 1 2010 - Not much left over for extras on juggle street
Sydney Morning Herald

BRONWYN RUSHTON says she cannot afford to die. The single mother of five has reduced her shifts stacking shelves at Woolworths from four to five a week to just two a month to care for her youngest, Jacob, who has Kabuki syndrome more...

October 30 2010 - Man stalks ex-wife's lawyer

A MAN who threatened to bash his ex-wife's solicitor to “within an inch of his life” has been sent to jail for stalking. Thomas Phillips, 62, harassed Bundaberg lawyer Kelvin Pearson over a period of more than two years. Mr Pearson had represented the ex-wife of Phillips during family law proceedings from 2007 more...

October 29 2010 - Treatment for Mentally Ill Mums
2SERS's Razors Edge

A not for profit organisation that runs a unique accommodation and rehabilitation program for mentally ill mothers wants to expand its program to meet the state's needs. The Women and Children's program is based in Western Sydney and is operated by The Richmond Fellowship of New South Wales more...

October 29 2010 - Court hears that dad left children unattended at McDonald's
Courier Mail

A FATHER left his three kids unattended at a McDonald's restaurant playground while he went shopping for nearly an hour, a court heard today. The District Court in Brisbane heard the man, who can't be named because it would identify the child victims, was on an access visit with his two biological sons and stepson more...

October 28 2010 - Mum killed baby for interrupting Farmville

A FLORIDA mother charged with shaking her baby to death after he interrupted her Farmville game has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. Alexandra V. Tobias, 22, could face life in prison, the Florida Times-Union reported, after the January death of three-month-old Dylan Lee Edmondson more...

October 26 2010 - Violence against adults is assault, so why can we hit our kids?
Sydney Morning Herald

Some people think using brute force to chastise children is a parental right. Children are treated as second-class citizens under Australian laws that allow parents to hit their children. The law not only treats children unfairly, it condones bullying and deprives parents of an incentive to consider less harmful, more effective disciplinary methods more...

October 26 2010 - Getting a divorce? Stay off Facebook
Herald Sun

  • Divorces are turning nasty on Facebook
  • Lawyers tell clients to remove profile pages
  • One woman's Facebook stunt cost her dear 

A MOTHER in the middle of a custody dispute has been caught boasting on her Facebook page how she thought about ripping her husband off for another $20,000 more...

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September 21 2010 - Good parents 'buffer' their kids' minds
Sydney Morning Herald

An Australian study has revealed the clear link between poor parenting and children who go on to experience mental health problems. Research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) shows roughly double the rate of depression and anxiety, among young adults who also report an abusive or unsupportive upbringing more...

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September 08 2010 - Juggling Dating and Children
Illawarra Mercury

Single parents often experience stigma about their dating choices, but there's no reason why they shouldn't take a second chance on love and companionship, writes EMMA SPILLETT more...

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Why do we cry when our kids start school?

Ever since she entered her last year of preschool, I've been an emotional mess every time I think of her starting 'big school'. For a while, I had to take detours to avoid driving past her future primary school to stop me getting dangerously bleary-eyed behind the wheel.

As we progressed through 2009 and came closer to the end of her preschool years, things got worse more

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How Can I help my Child Through a Trauma

The following questions have come from concerned parents. We thank Liz Mullinar for taking the time to respond and assist us with providing this information.
Q I have been forced by the court to hand my child over for access visits with my ex who is sexually / physically abusing her. How can I minimize or counter her distress more

Loving Beautiful You - An article for Single Mothers

In today's world of the perfect size and the perfect hair and high fashion, it can be difficult to accept yourself and take pride in the beautifully unique creation you are. However, as single mothers, or even single women more

Single Mother On A Budget

...As a single mother you might groan at the thought of putting together a household budget with all your expenses, but its easy to do and will also help you become very financially organized more

Keeping the Stress out of Single Parenting

...Let Your Kids be Kids. Even though taking on Single Parenting has sometimes forced you to become serious and lacking laughter, remember those precious children never asked to be in this situation. Don't force them to grow up any faster and deal with the Single Parent Issues more

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Great parenting quotes

Parenthood: That state of being better chaperoned than you were before marriage
~ Marcelene Cox

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