Face Painting Fun!

Face painting is easier than it looks! Cheap face painting crayons are available at most discount stores - they're great for the not-so-steady hand - or the better quality face paints can be had at party stores, art shops, toy shops and online - either way, it's an afternoon of fun coming up! For less mess, pop an old t-shirt onto your child first. It's probably best to do this activity outside, but inside is fine too if you lay newspaper down.

Use the face paint instructions that come with the paints, or search Google to find a simple design guide. Then sit your child down, and off you go! Kids can take turns painting each others faces, their own face, or even Mum or Dads! Simple designs such as tigers, butterflys and clowns are a snap! Don't be afraid to be adventurous too, and encourage your child to do their own face design. You or your child will soon get the feel for it, and any glaring mistakes are easily corrected with a quick baby wipe or tissue. End result - happy kid that doesn't want their face washed for a week!

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