Kids Party Ideas

Pirate Party Tips!

Under the Sea / Pirate Party Tips!

Looking for a different party theme that both boys and girls will love? Why not throw an Under the Sea or Pirate Party? There are lots of options by sticking losely with this theme, and you can bring out your inner-kids-party-theme diva too! Firstly, it's quite easy to source party goods. Under the sea characters are many - fish - dolphins - mermaids - seahorses - pirates - whatever your birthday boy or girl love can be the central theme Read more...

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Dogs and Cats Party Tips!

Dogs and Cats Party Tips!

A dogs and cats party is essentially, the perfect kids party. It has a lot of advantages. It suits both boys and girls - they can dress up as their favourite - costumes are cheap and easy and can be made from things around the house - they can be as simple as some whiskers drawn on the face with a soft crayon (try warming it a little), or as elaborate as a full dog or cat suit! Leotards can be Read more...

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