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Party Treasure Hunt

Kids Party Treasure Hunt

Every Pirate party worth it's salt has a Treasure Hunt me hearties!
This can be done inside or out, large scale or small.

For the hunt clues (You can see and use an example treasure hunt clues word template here (editable Word Doc), you can either draw them, or if you have access to a printer, get pictures of various sea-creatures and/or pirates and mermaids off of the internet. Cut up sets of these pictures OR cut up one picture as part of a puzzle (you can view and use a printable puzzle here) Party Treasure Hunt Maps - laminating turns them into take-home souvenirs - and hide them in different spots around the house or garden. Hang long blue and green streamers nearby for an extra hint of their location (closer to the cards/clues for younger children, harder for older children). Give the children "clue" sheets to read with a loot bag to collect their "pirate booty" in, or simple arrows or streamers to follow. The kids collect up one of each character, or alternatively, a small toy, part of their take-home loot bag, or something from nature such as a rock or leaf. The target is a prize at the end - a lolly, a small box of crayons, small themed toy, their take-home lolly bag - Pirate Treasure Chest Piniata OR it can end up pointing them in the direction of a "Treasure Chest" (cardboard box) filled with gold necklaces (cheap party beads) and gold (chocolate) coins, or whatever you fancy. It doesn't really matter what's in there, the kids will simply love just "finding" the treasure. You can even position a treasure chest piniata at the end! Don't forget, "X" marks the spot, so draw a big red X on a sign near the treasure!

Party Treasure Hunt Maps

Hunt Idea - Pirate Treasure Hunt Maps

To make it extra fun, why not make your own Pirate Maps? To make an authentic looking map, first draw your map with a large texta (You can see and use an example treasure map here (editable in Microsoft Paint - just cut, paste and/or delete to rearrange or replace landmarks to suit your hunt). Try to add landmarks in your garden or house for reference points. Use a red dotted line to indicate the path kids should follow, leading to the "Treasure". Once you have your map done, scan it and then print out as many copies as you have children attending. It's always wise to do a couple of spares,

Other party games could include...

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in case something goes wrong in the production! With a used tea bag, wipe over the entire map to make an "aged" effect - not too wet or your paper will start to disolve! Let the maps dry (or give them a helping hand with the hair dryer). Maps can be rolled up and secured with some spare gift ribbon you have around, or again tucked into a plastic bottle. You could even insert the hunt loot bags inside the rolled up map. Kids can either get their map at the start of the hunt, or can be included as the first "find"!

Party Treasure Hunt Maps For an extra-authentic aged pirate map touch...

...you can singe the edges of the map! Make sure the kids are not around when you do this, which is best done outside. With a lit candle, gently singe or burn the edges of your maps, blowing the paper out as you go. You can do this on two sides of the map, or all of the way around. Be sure to blow the flame out quickly if it starts to take hold of the paper. Do this directly over a bucket of water for safety, so that you can drop the map in to put out the flame if necessary! If it is summer, give this step a miss altogether due to possible fire restrictions, or move the process to the bathroom over a full sink of water. Ensure that you ventilate the area well whilst you do it, and of course, always make sure no kids are around whilst you have a lit candle!

Pirate Treasure Hunt Cave

Hunt Idea - Pirates Cave!

For extra fun, try to create a pirates "cave" by enclosing a small space with blankets over a table (inside) or cardboard/large boxes (ask at your nearest furniture/whitegoods store), or cheap tarpaulins (outside). Make it as dark as possible and put your "treasure" in here. If you have enough CD players, you can put another one in here, playing a dripping water/cave sound, or perhaps a pirate song or voice! If you have a skeleton left over from Halloween, or a big stuffed toy or doll, go to town and dress him up as a drowned pirate presiding over his treasure! Don't forget to put your ear-plugs in for the kiddie screams once the "cave" is discovered!

Pin the treasure chest on the red X - Draw a poster pirate map and cut out lots of little treasure chests fitted with double sided tape for each child to try to stick theirs on the "X marks the spot!"

Mermaid races - sack races, the sack being the mermaids "tail"

Fishing in the ocean - Get a cheap plastic kids magnetic fishing set - around $5 from bargain shops - and then give prizes for a catch from a filled kiddie pool (outside) or blue cellphane "ocean" on the carpet(inside)

Under the Sea Party Toys

Handy Party-Goods Tip

Planning your party in advance? Cheaper toys and party novelties can be purchased in bulk, online from overseas or here in Australia. A good overseas one is Birthday Express (USA) or here in Australia is Sunrise Imports - no doubt there are more out there too. Stores like this are where your party Ebayers often get the more expensive party items from;! Often postage equalizes the price, however the range of products makes for a fun and original party, and you can come out in front!
Pirate and Under the Sea themes have lots of things you can buy if you have a high budget - Inflatable Pirate Ship drink coolers, inflatable treasure chests, treasure chest piniatas - the sky's the limit! Go for small inflatable toys such as dolphins and sharks if you have the budget - kids LOVE playing with these and they are soft and safe, especially with lots of boisterous little ones about!

So there you have it - a great fun kids party for your little fish and pirates - aaaargh!

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